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Welcome to Tapovan Estates

Mysore’s leading property developer

Founded nearly 5 decades ago, Tapovan Estates is an inspiring success story in itself. Today, we are one of the Leading Property Developers in Mysuru with a thoughtfully diversified portfolio covering property development, community development, facility management, etc...

We love what we do.

Guided by dynamic leaders and visionaries, Tapovan Estates has earned the reputation of being a reliable developer that creates happy spaces for people, using high-quality design standards, with a specific focus on innovation and sustainability.

The Journey

The journey begins with setting up some iconic ventures like Chamundi Stone Crushing, Mysore & Fabracon, Goa ( Fabrication Construction Erection) Emerald Engineering Industries, Mysore catering to build cement blocks for construction. We are the ones who gave shape to Infosys Mysore Block 1 & 2. Then, we were actively engaged in a few more important projects. 


For all the work we did, we received appreciation. Most importantly, our commitment to stick to high quality practices helped us win new projects. However, with all the skills we had and the expertise we gathered, we were in a position to do more, serving more people, and creating new opportunities for development. That’s when we reinvented ourselves with a commitment to continue to provide high quality services but in a fresh approach. 


There comes the expert in Repair & Rehabilitation of Structures, Mr. Sriram through Sriram Consultants. We are the first to set up a building for containing radiation in medical institutions like Jain Hospitals, St Jhon’s Hospitals, etc.  Over time, we diversified our portfolio including the construction of gated communities with affordable homes. We developed theme-based projects, using innovative technology and the latest development in construction.  


Today, we have a range of diversified projects, each having its own value and importance. We have luxury accommodation facilities, affordable spaces with convenience, homes that thrive in natural surroundings to name a few. We also understand and respect the value our seniors deserve. Projects like Solace and Harmony are built to specifically serve the senior community with care and dignity. 


Towards a Better Living Experience 

All our work is highly inspired by a simple purpose: To provide residents with a safe and happy living experience. We strive to make staying convenient and enjoyable every day for every one. We’ve grown from strength to strength and closely saw the development of the real estate industry in the country. With all the skills and experience we’ve gathered, we are committed to build a better tomorrow brick by brick.

Extended Wings from Tapovan Estates

Harmony retirement community in Mysuru

Harmony Senior Care

A new direction and dimension in senior care. A complete solution in senior citizens. A concept where Senior Care goes beyond words. It is a commitment that promises care beyond just the basics, comfort beyond the ordinary, empathy beyond concern.

Nirvana By Harmony

As an Active Senior Citizen Lifestyle Community at Mysore. Harmony is a one-stop destination for senior citizens. It a senior-friendly retirement community for the young at heart. Residents aged 50+ enjoy serene country-style living enveloped in nature, within the charming city of Mysore. With a variety of amenities and engaging recreational

Harmony Glendale for senior citizen

GlenDale By Harmony

A Luxury Retirement Community at Mysore is not one of many projects, it is the only project for senior citizens whom a signature living. For them, Glendale is not something that they can live with no strings attached. It' something they can live their life peacefully with no hustles & bustles of maintaining the property yet can live life luxuriously.

Cuddle for senior care at Mysuru

Cuddle-Home Care Solutions

A 360-degree Senior Care Services at your doorsteps. We want to the provide best of healthcare and personal care for our loved ones forever, We would like to be with them throughout the day to assist them and help them with their daily chores. We are here to help you find a maid for senior citizens. Cuddle is your companion in care

Engage social media platform for seniors

Engage for seniors to enlist

Sit at home when you are very active after retirement leads to anxiety and a sense of uselessness. Engage is Mysore's first online community-based job platform dedicated to engaging with forgotten skills and creating job opportunities for the seniors of the society.

harmony ideation center for seniors

HIC- Innovation center

Got a business idea? Engage with HIC in transforming businesses of various streams like manufacturing, trading, services, retail, etc. We provide mentors to identify bottlenecks and roadblocks in your business growth. We provide practical, implementable solutions which are globally proven.


Our projects are built to provide exceptional life experiences, security, and value. 

Tapovan Estates at Mysuru

Mysuru is the fastest growing city in Karnataka, making Tapovan estates a sound investment opportunity.


Every square foot in Tapovan Apartments has been designed with you in mind.
So you don’t just buy a house, you buy a lifestyle.

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well

For us, it seems that life could be rather bright and purposeful. And anyone would want to attempt that kind of life. We are here to provide a paradise just as you dreamed. It is a source of satisfaction when we gain trust from our customers. Hence, our commitments are maintained with utmost transparency.  We value every penny of ours. We respect every aspect of your wish. 

Ajit Narayan



Founder and Owner of Ram Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Rajiv Krishna

Managing Partner and creator of innovative Senior Care brand called Harmony